Rainbow Art

You will be fascinated by the creativity of the Kids who produce amazing pieces of art, produced using paint, crayons, pencils and what ever they are good at. The ages of kids who produce the art vary from age of 6 to 17.


Having recognized the talent and potential of the Rainbow Kids, An international Artist from the UK with the assistance of his UK Team are enhancing the art to be unique pieces and to be offered to art enthusiasts from all parts of the world as limited edition releases.


The Quality art prints come in sizes of 40 x 30 cm or 75 x 60 cm, framed or unframed. Delivered to any part of the world


All net proceeds of the art go first towards  the welfare of the Individual artist and the Rainbow Homes secondly.


Vist  the gallery and enjoy the creativity & talent of the Rainbow Kids. 



Asela Ruwan Thushara       Aged 17

Akash Nethmina                  Aged   9 

Udaya Kumara                     Aged 13 

Wishwa  Buddhi                   Aged 14

Wasundara Kumari             Aged 13

Saranya                                 Aged 12 

M. Riyas                                 Aged   8 

Tasindu Lakmal                    Aged   8 

Achindu Madusanka            Aged  8

Kosala Sapumal                    Aged  8

Chathurani Baghiya             Aged 12

Sugani Pathbha                    Aged 12

Ruwan Kumara                     Aged 13

Awanka Yohan                      Aged   6

Nirman Nethmina                Aged   9 

Thusith Gayan                       Aged 10

Dilan Madusanka                  Aged 16

To Buy Rainbow Art        E mail us at rbhlanka@gmail.com

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